Obama Youth Brigade Gesture… BS..

Posted: November 28, 2012 in Politics
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Throughout history and over time we have learned how to communicate not only through sound but written symbols to represent words.  This has been a great achievement.  A lot of languages have died out or symbols to represent words have had their meaning lost.   Even today, translators of language work to bring meaning from one language to another.  This is no easy task.  Even reading hieroglyphics from Egyptians and the Mayans have taken time and the Mayans is one that is still to this day is a challenge to decipher.

I have always heard that the hard thing about America is the slang we use.  Even I have trouble at times when my kids talk.  The funniest thing I ever heard was when my own Mom used “tight” in a sentence.  I can’t remember what she was talking about but she made the comment that something “tight” as to say it was freaking cool or awesome.  My mom is in her upper 60s.  Tight?  Really?  WOW.. anyways.  Words change, meanings change because of slang and passage of time.  The interesting thing is we also communicate through body and sign language.  We have assigned meanings of words to hand gestures also to give long range communication when maybe when someone needs to be quiet or when it’s too loud to voice what we think.  The “bird” (middle finger up) means.. fuck you.

In 2005, George Bush visited the Norwegians.  His daughter, Jenna, showed her support for the Texas Longhorns to hook ‘em.  A lot of Christian churches claim it’s the sign of the

Devil.  Well, the Norwegians thought so also.


All right or cool in Great Britain, South Korea, South Africa

One France, Poland, Switzerland

Vulgar insult Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq (so yes, the kids would stand out next to the road and give us the thumbs up in Iraq and we would give it right back.. thinking.. these kids like us but we learned later that they might now)

What’s this? or What do you want? in Italy

Small or little in Congo

Beautiful or good in Turkey

Just a moment in Egypt

Two in Belgium, Liechtenstein, The Netherlands

Eight in China

Not good in Italy

Perfect in Canada, Mexico, Switzerland

Vulgar insult in Brazil

More gestures may be found on the internet but here is the one for wiki http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_gestures

In conclusion… This hand gesture made by “Obama Youth Brigade” as you may call them can also be interpreted as the Illuminati all seeing eye gesture which several other people can be found making the same gesture. (Jay Z, Warren Buffet, Bill Clinton, Snoop Dogg(not sure what he changed his name to) the Popes, Mickey Mouse, and the list goes on and on)

Spock???  Illuminati, Obama Youth Brigade, or Hitler Youth Brigade?

I think the Obama supporters where trying to make a “O” for Obama.  I did find this one picture but I am not sure if it’s legit.  So if anyone actual runs across a picture of Hitler or a actual photo of “Hitler Youth Brigade” making this symbol (that means a picture with faces during the 1930s to 1940s type scenes, please post a link so I may go see it.. Thanks!!

  1. Bill says:

    You are a stupid fucker…

    • josh says:

      well that was uncalled for

    • Ken says:

      Sorry Bill, but I am not a “stupid fucker”. Your comment alone and with the lack of any evidence to counter just shows that it is very opposite. Your argument that I am a stupid fucker is called ad hominem.

  2. Thanks for the interesting article Mr. Ken!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Obama is related to Hitler

  4. Anonymous says:

    Obama and hitler only have thumb and index fingers touching. Look at Spock, he has most of his fingers touching. It is completely different. The bottom picture-Obama sign of progress is not legit…the above comment may be true^^^

    • Ken says:

      There is no connection between Obama Youth and Hitler Youth… unless you listen to Rush Limbaugh or watch Faux News on a regular basis.

  5. Caleb Grunfeld says:

    Regardless of a persons political leanings, over the past % years or so, we have seen a constant flood of some of the most absurd, ridiculous diatribe concerning the present administration. These hand gestures, and the photographs usually accompanying them are so debatable as to exactly What they may actually be, I think it merely becomes a non-issue. BUT, In any real effort to disparage a political figure, many simply kep it up, no matter HOW reprehensible it may become.

  6. Cona says:

    Ok… I wouldn’t say stupid fuck… Still, when confronted with the fact that the pictures you use for comparison are either false or not so similar in nature, you say nothing about it. Tha shows that, even if you are being provoked, you have no answer for these comments. That inspires zero confidence in your post. Is that accurate enough as an opinion?

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